Trim-Tex Mud-Set

On-Site Product Demonstration

Recently we had the opportunity to work with our friend, Don from Trim-Tex to demonstrate our mud along with their mud-set product. Trim-Tex say that this product can save 25% on labor. It is easy to see why when you use the product, which is just what Vince did. Vince Medina is Freeman Products’ Sales Director, he is also a seasoned drywall finisher from a family of finishers (in other words, he knows his stuff).

Vince was very impressed by the bond of the mud-set bead which was easy and quick to apply. With mud-set there is no need to glue, nail or staple the bead before mudding it. The bead is cut to length and run through the hopper to apply the correct amount of mud. It is then simply pushed into place.

The obvious benefit to this product is the speed by which it can be applied. The added benefits are less money spent on staples and nails, as well as the cost of labor to use them. All in all this is a product that we really like.

In preparing for the demonstration Trim-Tex did some testing with Freeman All Purpose to achieve the correct thickness for use with the mud-set system. We are pleased to say that Freeman All Purpose required the addition of approximately 32oz of water. Why is this good? We produce a thicker material allowing our customers to mix it to their preferred thickness. It also means that a box of Freeman will go further, something we will be covering in a video blog coming soon.

If you are interested in using mud-set bead Freeman Products can help. We carry the full line of Trim-Tex products and can advise on their application.

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