Packaging Changes: The New Box Design

A box is a box, right?  Wrong.

The design and construction of packaging—in any form—is a science. Get your packaging wrong, and it can cause major problems: If the design is unappealing, customers won’t notice or buy it; if the construction is incorrect, the product could get damaged, or be hard to open. Packaging is key.

When the opportunity came up to modify our packaging, we decided to go beyond simply complying with new regulations from OSHA for Global Harmonized Standards of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) (see our post on GHS). We opted to not only modify the design on the box, but to also completely re-imagine our packaging. The new box is bigger, easier to read, and offers access on the top instead of on the sides.

We put the new box through extensive testing, from material quality to crush strength, to the ideal amount of space left at the top of the box. All of this testing was done with one purpose in mind–to ensure our customers receive the highest quality product, all the way down to the packaging.

We didn’t stop there though. We continued to test and adjust every variable in our packaging and supply chain process: pallets, shrink wrap, stacking—the list goes on. The focus lead to changes in our pallets, the amount of shrink wrap, and investments in new equipment, all with the goal of delivering the highest quality product we could create. We hope you see the difference.

So next time you open a box of Freeman, we hope you’re reminded of our promise to you: the same attention to quality, inside the box and beyond.

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