The Drywall Finishing Council


Founded in 1992 by a small group of committed drywall finishing products manufacturers, the Drywall Finishing Council sought to add clarity and structure by providing recommendations to address the common interests and issues of the industry.

As a founding member Freeman Products has seen the council grow in numbers and diversity. The Drywall Finishing Council is no longer made up of only drywall finishing products manufacturers. The council has representation from industry related sectors such as paint, trim, and tool manufacturers, contractor associations, and raw material suppliers – click here for a full list of members, associate members, and honorary members.

The Drywall Finishing Council works for the industry as a whole, addressing a broad range of topics including; Contractor jobsite issues, OSHA, Global Harmonization rules (see our post on packaging changes and GHS), environmental impact, and standardization of weights and measures.

We encourage you to take advantage of the valuable resources developed and made freely available by the Drywall Finishing Council. Topics include:

For a full list of topics visit

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